Family Law

Our team provides legal guardians of children involved in custody disputes with the legal assistance they need to resolve issues as quickly and satisfactorily as possible. At all times during the process, emphasis will be on the ultimate welfare, health and happiness of the child/children, and my team and I will only pursue solutions that recognize that – whether it means that the mother, father or other legal guardian is granted custodial rights.


Civil litigation is the process of referring an issue, dispute, or any other commercial matter to a court in order for a judge or magistrate to make a determination. Whether you are the plaintiff, defendant, applicant or respondent, it is important to know your rights, options and recourse available in South African courts when seeking to resolve disputes, collect debts, enforce contracts or whatever the case may be.

Sports Law

Our team advises a number of high profile clients in the sports industry and has a particular interest in contractual disputes and negotiating and maintaining of player contracts.

Our director Pieter-Schalk is an accredited cricket agent and an admitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa. Pieter-Schalk works extensively with International Sports Management Agency to make sure various high profile athletes are advised correct and accordingly.

Our Clients: